Aaron Rice of Sound + Vision 

Interview by Chad McCowin Jr

Sound (+) Vision



Chad: Whats good bro!

Aaron Rice: Whats up man!

Chad: Its about time I get the chance to sit down and converse with you. Been a fan of your work ever since my creative director Maurice Rogers introduce me to your brand.

Aaron Rice: Maurice is the homie! He’s ben following me for a while now & I bought my Midnight Studios “Death Disco” shirt from him. Me and him talk all the time cause we have similar interest.

Chad: Thats cool man! I can definitely see you two having similar interest because of y’all taste in music. Judging from pieces you release this year, I can see that your into the Rock & Pop culture right? Tell us more!

Aaron: Yessir! The name of my brand (Sound)+(Vision) or SoundPlusVision comes from a David Bowie song titled SoundAndVision or as the cover art shows Sound + Vision, Its from David Bowie’s Low album. I added the parenthesis around Sound & around Vision to emphasis the importance of each word. Rock N’ Roll music & just Rockstars personal style in general inspires me a lot. As for bands like Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited(PIL) & Joy Division/New Order.

Chad: I was just about to ask you what inspires you to create but I can see you already cover that (lol)… So did you grow up listening to rock n’ roll?

Aaron: To be honest, no I didn’t grow up listening to Rock. My uncle was a big Beatles fan and he always talked to me about them when he came to visit but I grew listening to Lil Wayne & 50 cent (lol). I started getting into rock music around 11th grade because I would go on the Internet everyday and just look at different artists personal style like how Kurt would rock the shades with the cardigans & patchwork jeans & Jack Purcell or Sid wearing his rabbit padlock with a leather jacket and sometimes seditonaries shirts. All that stuff slowly shaped my taste level today.

Chad: That’s awesome bro! Your story and knowledge of rock n’ roll and taste of style in that culture surely reflects in your visuals which is so dope to me. To be honest, I don’t know much about rock n’ roll music and its culture but I am familiar with some of the styles of the rock n roll culture (thanks to Saint Laurent lol). When you mention Kurt Cobain I was nodding my head “yes” the whole time cause that was one stylish rock star I knew and look up too when it came to personal style.  He the reason why kids today still rocking the Kurt Cobain shades (lol)
Chad: What made you want to start your own brand?

Aaron: I always made clothes since like the 10th/11th grade of high school, random 1:1’s I would rock or just sell. I always wanted to own my brand cause I knew my taste level was different & I had an eye for clothes. I started off making a R.I.P Alexander McQueen shirt where I flipped the sex pistols God save the queen graphic Jamie Reid made to have McQueen & R.I.P Lee on it. That was the first shirt I ever made under my brand, it was around February 18th, 2015 when I officially started my brand.

Chad: Do you consider your brand to be a streetwear brand?

Aaron: In a way graphics in my opinion will always be considered streetwear like Virgil does with Off White graphics shirts is still streetwear just high end streetwear. I don’t see myself as streetwear though. The best way I can put it is I would compare myself to Japanese brands I look up to like Undercover or Number (N)ine. I make clothes similar to them whatever they are considered that’s where I would put myself.

Chad: I understand exactly where your coming from. So now that we know what your brand is all about and what inspires you to create. What exactly separates your brand from other brands? What can we expect in the future for you and your brand?

Aaron: What separates me from other brands is that most of my graphics are references to moments in history mostly rock history so when you wear my clothes you are wearing a piece of history that is never going out of style. I hope people still wear (Sound) + (Vision) clothing long after I die. I want (Sound) + (Vision) to go global & I would like to be able to produce a full collection.

Chad: Well said! You got my support for sure. I actually purchase one of your pieces recently called ” God is in the details” jacket and as you saw on my personal IG i love it. For those who don’t know what “God is in the details” refers too, can you tell us what it means?

Aaron: “God is in the Details” is a quote from Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe the architect it basically means that whatever one creates it should be through down to the details because details matter most. Ludwig created the Barcelona chair & table. He was also the last director of the Baulhaus art school in Berlin.
Chad: Details do matter the most! Now that I learned so much about you and your brand this leads to my question which I ask everyone I interview. Being from Florida you probably dont know much about the Washington D.C. area or maybe you do but I’ll ask you anyway. Do you see the Washington D.C. area becoming one the fashion capitals like NYC and London?

Aaron: I was actually born in Salisbury, Md and I used to go to DC when I was little. In my opinion I dont think enough brands are coming out of DC to really make it one but I could be wrong

Chad: Ohhh shiz nit! I never knew you was born in Maryland that’s cool (lol).Yea I feel you, its a hand full of brands I see making it out but we will have to see.

Chad: Okay, I lied I got one more question and then we can wrap it up. Where do you see high end and streetwear fashion going in the future? Its so many brands, designers and etc out there and with the Internet age it makes it so easy to access everything. Whats your thoughts?

Aaron: I think the Internet is shortening the margins between high end & streetwear like how I mentioned Virgil earlier hes mixing streetwear with high end & doing an amazing job. I think the term streetwear is different from how it was use to be said 10 years ago. The Internet truly revolutionized everything & made it easier to get your clothes out there.

Chad: Agreed! Well bro I will like to thank you for taking the time to sit down and discussing about you, your brand, and fashion in general. For the people who are just getting to know, where can they find you on social media and how can they cop these amazing pieces you release this year?

Aaron: You can find me on Twitter: @Aaron_Rice_ & on Instagram I have 2: @__aaronrice & @soundplusvison. You can shop the clothes at www.Soundplusvision.bigcartel.com

Chad: Okay cool! Well thanks again and I wish you the best of luck with you and your brand. Peace!

Aaron: Thanx! and Peace!


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